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Policy / Warranty

Whatis our return policy?

We offer a 100-night trial period during which returns and/or exchanges are permitted provided the unit has a mattress protector from Global Mattress. Opting out of using the mattress protector will void this privilege.

Is there a warranty on our products?

Our mattresses come with 5-year to 10-year warranty, depending on the model. Warranty services are provided at our service center in Florida. Global Mattress USA, LLC, will not accept mattresses for warranty services which are stained, dirty, show fungal contamination or product abuse. Global Mattress recommends the use of a mattress protector during the warranty period. Transportation costs are not covered by warranty.


I’m on a tight budget. Do you provide financing or a layaway plan?

Yes, we have layaway and financing programs. For our layaway program customers can reserve merchandise by placing a 20 percent deposit of the total amount of the purchase. Full payment must be completed in 90 days on weekly or monthly payments, as customer preferred. We also have two financing programs, the first one is with SnapFinance. Snap finance does not require a credit check or an existing credit history. The other financing program is with Synchrony Financial, which requires an existent credit history.

Do we deliver?

We do deliver throughout Central Florida, from our warehouse to your bed room, with no middleman in between.

Do we take bulk orders?

 Yes, we are a mattress manufacturer and have the capacity to handle bulk orders.

I found my perfect mattress, but you don’t have it in the store. How long will it take for it tobe delivered?

If your mattress is not available in store it will take 1 to 5 business days to be delivered from our warehouse to your bedroom.


Do I need a base for my mattress?

A good base improves the longevity and stability of a mattress. Not having a base can cause the mattress to collapse and will impact the mattress warranty.

Do we sell mattress protectors?

Yes, we do. We sell Twin, Full, Queen & King mattress protectors which are covered by a 10-year warranty. Our mattress protectors are water proof, breathable and resistant to mold, fungus, mites and humidity.

How do I maintain my mattress?

Regular Global Mattresses should be turned monthly (turn the feet of the bed towards the head), while reversible Global Mattresses should be turned every six months.

 What materials go into the making of a Global Mattress’ mattress?

The raw materials in our mattresses are wire, foam, fiber and fabric.


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