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Policy / Warranty

policy / warranty

EXCHANGE POLICY –- Any purchase that has been dispatched or delivered, may be exchanged or canceled within the first five (5) nights in its original packaging. In case of 'upgrades' or 'downgrades' (unit changes), the customer must notify first our Sales and Service Center at 1-888-904-9070 or at one of our stores. One exchange per unit is allowed. In cases where the customer desires to change the level of comfort, style or size within the first five (5)nights (in its original packaging), there will be a $79.00 plus taxes charge for transportation and inspection services and a ten percent (10%) restocking fee applied to items.  ** If at the moment of the inspection unit is found unlabeled, stained or with soil marks, dirty, broken with torn fabric, vermin infestations or any indication of abuse,CHANGE DOES NOT PROCEED. The unit will be inspected at customers' homes and collected. Any difference in money will be refunded as stipulated in the Refund Policy.

RETURNS POLICY -Returns or cancellations from the first five(5) nights, customer will have a $79.00 plus taxes charge for transportation and inspection services and a twenty percent (10%) restocking fee applied to items. The customer will assume the cost of five (5) dollars for each plastic bag (if applicable). ***If at the moment of the inspection the item is found out of the original packaging, unlabeled, stained or with soil marks, dirty, broken with torn fabric, vermin infestations or any indication of abuse Global Mattress WILL NOT ACCEPT THE RETURN OR THE EXCHANGE of the item. the unit will be inspected at your home and collected. If for any extraordinary reason the customer desires to cancel the order after paid, dispatched or delivered, customer may do so with in the first five (5) days from the date of purchase with a ten percent (10%)retention of the total purchase for the cost of restocking fee. After the first five (5)night trial, Global Mattress does not accept changes or refunds under any circumstances. Box springs without their plastics have NO EXCHANGE OR RETURN.  Adjustable beds, adjustable bases, frames, pillows, pillow covers, customs mattresses and display units do not apply for returns or exchanges either for the benefit of the five (5) night trial. Purchases made through Snap! Finance does not apply for cancellation, only the Exchange Policy applies. All returns are subject to verification system approval.

Returns or Exchange Period*      
Night 1 through night 5

Transportation + Taxes      
$79.00 + taxes

Restocking Fee          
10% fee**

DELIVERY POLICY - If the selected product is not available in stock, we will deliver it within a maximum term of seven (7) to-fifteen (15) working days from our warehouse under normal conditions.*Excluding from this policy not suitable-weather and environmental conditions. IfGlobal Mattress delivery services are unable to complete the delivery within-the established term, the customer may request to cancel the order and claim a full refund of their money. An order will be considered ready for delivery after it has been fully paid.Charges for delivery and services are non-refundable. If the customer is not available at the time of delivery, a rescheduling fee will be applied. Global Mattress delivery services are door to door. Installation and/or old mattress removal services are offered.

REFUNDS POLICY - Any claim must first be notified to Global Mattress Sales and Service Center at 1-888-904-9070. Refunds are subject to approval under the policies established by Global Mattress USA, LLC.  Accessories, display units and custom mattresses (adjustable beds, adjustable bases, frames, pillows and pillow covers) purchased, are not eligible for exchange, return, or five (5) night service. Restocking fee only applies to mattress and box spring.  On purchase made in stores, customers must present an original proof of purchase and a valid ID to complete the refund process. Customers can request a full refund in stores for purchases paid with credit or debit cards, but it will have a maximum of 3 business days term to be completed in stores. Purchases paid in cash; the customer will receive a check to the postal address provided in a maximum period of twenty (20) business days. If the purchase was made through our web page, refund will be processed in the same payment method used. DISCLAIMER - We ask all our customers to release Global Mattress USA, LLC of all responsibility for damages and/or accidents to the property and/or cars on the road, after requesting help from any of our employees. In addition, this consent authorizes and releases of responsibility the driver or employee of Global Mattress USA, LLC to access their private property and/or any damage or theft that occurred on said property at the time of delivery.

LAYAWAY POLICY - To separate the merchandise at our warehouse in Orlando, the customer will make an initial payment of twenty percent (20%) of the total price of the item. The total amount of Layaway must be paid fully in a maximum term of 90 days. If a customer decides to cancel or fails to comply with the payments, Layaway will be canceled, and a store credit will be given. Store credit can be used within a maximum period of thirty (30) days after the receiving date and cannot be redeemed for cash. If not used within thirty (30) days, money will be retained, and no refund will be made.

WARRANTY POLICY - It is the customer's responsibility to review all products before leaving the store. Global Mattress is not responsible for any damage on the product, once the customer picks up the merchandise or receives it at home. Warranty covers sinking 1.5 inches or more, noise on the springs, unstitched edge and broken or loose boards in the box spring. All warranties are repair services. Customers must present a purchase receipt and a valid ID.  All warranty claims must be initiated in the form of guarantee R03-2016 and $60.00 plus taxes charged for inspection services, non-refundable. The warranty could be void by the condition of the mattress at the time of inspection. Global Mattress USA, LLC will not accept mattresses for warranty services in unhealthy conditions, stained, dirty, fungi, with animal hair or any indication of product abuse. Global Mattress recommends the purchase of a mattress protector for the durability of the warranty.  Improper support of the mattress can void the warranty. Warranty claims are limited to two (2) per year on all models. Transportation costs are not included. The costs of transportation for services is $100.00 (round trip), non-refundable.

LIMITED WARRANTY POLICY – Applies only to: Sweet Dreams, Shadow and Quiet Rest collections. During the years of prorated warranty, the costs of repair or replacement of parts covered will be calculated by multiplying fifty percent (50%) of our current price of the product or material (if the covered part, is not available at the factory, it will be exchanged or repaired for a part of equal or greater value). Each year the cost percentage will have an increase of five percent (5%) per year, depending on the years covered in warranty


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